My Custom Functions is a plugin that gives you the ability to easily and safely add your custom theme functions (PHP code) directly from your OPTe WordPress dashboard without needing an external editor.

No need for editing the functions.php (child theme) file anymore. Just add your PHP code in the field on the plugin settings page and this plugin will do the rest for you.

Getting started

Activate My Custom Functions (OPTe Network) directly from the “Plugins” menu item. Not on OPTe? Download and install the plugin first. (Self-hosted)


Head over to Appearance>>Custom Functions and drop in your code.


One of the key features includes checking the entered code for fatal errors (simple checks). If your code has errors, the plugin will disable and display a warning.

Tip: Do not open then close your script i.e. (?php ?php)

Beware: Syntax errors will trigger a fatal error and cause your site to crash. In this event please contact support and we will restore your site for you.

Want a child theme for your custom functions?

You may want these custom functions in your own child theme. OPTe provides custom child theme support for sites upgraded to “Designer”. Test your functions with this plugin and then send us an advanced support request, one of our technicians will place your code into your child theme’s function.php and disable the plugin for you.


Many thanks to Arthur Gareginyan for the plugin and contributing to WordPress.